Saturday, 27 January 2018

5 Ways To A Happier Mind

Entry No.2

So here I am writing another blog post about what's on my mind and what I think is important to share with the internet. Personally my mental weakness is that I worry. I worry a lot actually. I worry about anything possible. "If I'm not having a meltdown, who am I?" - Me. Even if it's the smallest thing I find a way to stress about it and that's one of my biggest faults which I'm sure Ciaran (boyfriend) will agree. I panic, I stress, I worry but a lot of the time I just need to plan or write down my thoughts and I'm fine, seeing my thoughts in front of me written down makes ALL the difference. So let's go into the nitty gritty:

Delete who you want, unfollow who you want. 
I think I know social media makes a lot of people feel trapped. Why don't you delete that person? Why don't you unfollow their instagram account? No matter what age you are the biggest reason you don't unfollow or delete someone is because you're worried about what they'll think or say about you. It's time to stop caring. Do I interact or even talk to that person anymore? No. Do I like that person? No. Am I sick of seeing what that person posts? Yes. It's simple questions like that, that you need to ask yourself in order to know wether to delete that person.
It's just as important who you have on social media as it is with who you surround yourself with in the real world. The most powerful thing I started doing last year was unfollowing accounts on instagram I started comparing myself too. It doesn't mean I don't like them, it doesn't mean I don't "like" their instagram feed, it means I don't want my mental state to suffer. I don't want to see unrealistic beauty expectations in my face constantly. If I find myself comparing my lifestyle or myself against another person that's when I take it out of my view because I don't need to torture myself. Be kind to yourself and remember photos are edited (mine definitely are), things are fabricated and that couple that's "perfect" probably argued 20 minutes before that photo was uploaded. When it comes to Facebook I think people take the term "Friend" to seriously "No! No! I can't unfriend them", but why? I'm a firm believer of not giving a sh*t (excuse my language) but it's true. Black mirror made the perfect episode called "Nosedive" where everyone has this obsession with likes and having the best grading. It's the best way to describe our generation and it needs to stop. Feeding each others egos doesn't get us anywhere and putting your mental state to the side doesn't help either. So if you don't like them get rid of them, if you compare yourself get rid of them. Sometimes its a simple case of "unfollowing" them on Facebook if you do want to be someones friend but don't want to see what their post. So give yourself a break and stop caring what people think of you and care MORE for yourself. Be selfish. 

The hare and the tortoise. 
I'm very impatient. In such a fast paced world I think a lot of us find ourselves wanting everything now. I'm a woman that knows what she wants regardless of if I know how to get it or not. I'm extremely motivated but my downfall is my inpatients and how that leads me to getting upset as I feel as though I'm failing because I haven't got instant gratification. As my Mom always says "slow and steady wins the race". Go at whatever speed is necessary and embrace the process you are going through in life because it'll be over before you know it. It does not matter how old you are, I repeat. It does not matter how old you are. Don't compare your life against other peoples because everyone goes at a completely differently paces, people find out at different stages in life what they truly want to do with their lives, people around you will always seem more put together than they're because we always think people are doing better than ourselves. Things take time, life takes time, don't be harsh on yourself. 

Catch out your negativity and self doubt. 
We have so many thoughts throughout the day you can't even remember them all. That lamp shade was pink, her glasses are weird, ouch! That hurt; The list is endless and forgettable. Have you ever taken a moment to realise how many negative thoughts you have? Do you notice how much you beat yourself up? It's amazing once you're self aware and in control of your thoughts how much negativity you feed yourself be it through what we read, watch or how we speak to ourselves. You should start keeping track on how you talk to yourself and others. Your thoughts ooze into your body language, how you speak and ultimately how you feel.
Self doubt is the biggest killer of dreams. If you OR someone else is saying you can't do it put two fingers up to the negativity and show the world you CAN do it. Just remember self doubt doesn't just fade when you tell it to go once, surround yourself with positive videos, books and most importantly people even if it's just one person or five people who can help love, care and nourish you and your dreams. If you're thinking "I have no one", start with the positive videos and books which will help change your thinking and mindset... The world is your ouster.

Clear space, clear mind. 
The title speaks for itself. Personally I find it extremely distracting and hard to work if the area I am in isn't tidy and clean, clear space, clear mind. Most mornings I hoover the whole house (we have 2 small dogs and a cat the hair everywhere is annoying), make breakfast and clean up after that, check my bathroom is looking ok then I feel satisfied and ready for the day. Everyone has their own little routines, what's yours?

We are so lucky I don't think many of us would know it if we got slapped in the face with it. Gratitude changes everything. If you wake up in the morning bad or good mood tell yourself five things you're grateful for that day you'll start to feel and notice a difference in yourself. I'm not saying it's something I always do because we get caught up in ourselves all to often BUT it's good to tell yourself and others how grateful you're of them. A simple card, hug or words can make somebodies day, I've been taught that every action has a reaction which then has consequences with this example the reaction and consequences can only be positive from the recipricantt. The thoughts of gratitude will eventually shine through the more they're thought just the same as negative ones. Lift your spirits and remind yourself of how lucky you are.

Thanks for reading!

Love Saranne x

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hi, Hello, How Are You? Here's What I've learnt in 2017

Entry No.1

I've found myself wanting to write a blog post to kick off the New Year to help make myself feel somewhat productive. I want to write down in a nutshell what I've taken away from 2017 as it has been one of the most poignant years for me yet, I'm also hoping you can take something away from it too to help your New Year.

Push yourself. 
You can go around in life plodding along using excuses like "I'm too old", "it's not the right time", "I'll just do it later" I'm sure you know some more and you know what? They're all bullsh*t. If you want to do something you will just go for it either right then or start putting things into action to make it happen. I've noticed when it's something I love and truly believe in I'll start taking action or get things/ideas into place straight away with no messing around. I have my Dad's attitude to thank for that as he always says "just get it done, so it's done". I know it might sound silly but I even take this motto with me when it comes to cleaning the house I think "just get up, hoover, clean the bathroom so it's done and I can crack on with the rest of the day". If I didn't have this attitude I wouldn't have quit being a waitress, I wouldn't have worked for Benefit Cosmetics, I wouldn't have entered the New Year 2018 self employed either. Just do it because the only person you'll be fooling is yourself. 

Be true to you. 
I've always found it easy to be myself, not caring about having loads of friends, about what everyone else it doing but something I've noticed is there are some people in my life I've felt in competition with whether it was conscious or subconscious, people that didn't sit well with me but I could never put my finger on it, there was also that feeling of people not getting me and not being on my wave length. This year I have grown tremendously in maturity, knowing my priorities and what's really important in life where as I know not everyone has gone through that. In no way am I saying if someone isn't as mature as I, I shouldn't be friends with them but there are those people in life I find hard to relate to just by watching how they are, what their priorities are, how they treat others etc. The thing to take from this part of the post is it's ok to better your mental well-being, it's ok to eliminate someone with an influence you don't see fit for you anymore, it's ok to do things to make your life better and happier. I sometimes felt bad for how secluded I kept myself when it comes to friends just incase of what people would think of me and how I would be perceived but in reality who cares? I don't need other people's approval. Ciaran (boyfriend) is the biggest person who's helped me with this by reminding me I do not need peoples approval on this topic. My Mom is the one that's always taught me that you're who you surround yourself with. In life there are people that add to it, keep it the same or take away from it. I want people that will add to my life, push me and help me become the better person I want to be. I'm not saying you have cut ties with people that don't add to your life but for me I only have a small circle of people in my life and I want those people to enrich my life, not keep it stale. Something I say sometimes "You do you, boo." haha. Be true to you, you'll be much happier. 

Spend less money on alcohol. 
I will not be spending as much money alcohol as I did last year. Firstly because I don't have the money to secondly, my priorities have changed from yay let's party every weekend to I want my own business, I want to focus on my future and I'm simply getting over going out out. Thirdly, I LOVE a drink in a bar but I'm growing out of going clubbing now which is good timing as I can't go out due to money restraints.

Unconditional love. 
I have my Mom to thank for this one. I've never felt so inspired by one woman's strength to be a punching bag for the people around her including her kids and love them nonetheless. The power of loving the people around you unconditionally, forgiving them and helping them is so important. So many of us including myself cut people off the minute they do something wrong or we refuse to forgive them or move on but it get us no where. I've shown unconditional love to Ciaran time and time again, the same for him with I, we wouldn't be together now if we didn't. I'm still learning and seeing how important it is to have this attitude with the people around us. I'm also grateful every day for the people I have in my life right at this moment that make me feel unconditionally loved not everyone has it in their lives so to have it in mine and be reminded everyday I feel extremely lucky.

My priorities have changed so much since last year. I've gone out less towards the end of the year, I've bought a hell of a lot less clothes and materialistic things, spent more time with my own family and been there for them. I'm still learning but I'm just noticing how much my attitude to buying materialistic things has changed and I can't relate to "hauls" anymore and people clearly buying things for the sake of it. I see so many bloggers or influencers buying SO much stuff that it just comes across greedy and unnecessary. I've done hauls in the past where I've tried to be like other YouTubers out there and it's just not me anymore. You don't need a massive wardrobe to feel good. I've been wearing the hell out of my favourite pieces and I've never felt so relieved to be over worrying about what I'm wearing like I used to. I'm still a big fashionista don't get me wrong, but I'm nothing like I was. I feel like buying clothes constantly and not even wearing half of them is just greedy, I know some people won't believe what I'm writing about this but it's true. This is how much I'm growing up lol! I want to see people re-wearing an item instead of constantly having a new piece. My priority has changed from partying and clothes to family and my future... I'm pretty pleased with that. 

There is a silver lining in everything. 
My favourite one from 2017.

Making no promises but I'm hoping to air more things on this blog of whatever nature I want. 

Here's to the New Year. Let's make it a great one!

Love Saranne x

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Monday, 6 March 2017

20 Reasons Why You’ve Pissed Your Waitress Off

1. “I don’t normally complain BUT” - You don’t? Then why are you? Please be quiet and eat your meal your lies are annoying me.

2. Complaining after we’ve table checked you and you scoffed your WHOLE meal down - You want a free pudding? How about no? Now clean up that grease on your chin.

3. *Taking food to another table* “Excuse me! Excuse me!” - Can you not see these plates are heavy, hot and I really don’t have time for you right now. Your waitress is right behind you.

4. Taking orders - Do you not know how rude it is to be shouting me whilst I’m taking an order?I’m busy. Wait. You’re not 5, you’re 50 now act like it.

5. You aren’t funny - 9/10 we’ve heard it before and we are sick of pretending you’re funny or original.
6. You haven’t gone over to your table for 10 minutes and get comments like “Have you been abroad or something, I want a drink” - I’m not sunbathing in Ibiza, no. I'm just running out the food, doing cutlery, topping up sauces and looking after 11 other tables.
7. “How would you like your steak cooked?” - “In an oven” HAHAHA! GOOD ONE MATE.
8. "I don't like this can I have something else?" Yeah no problem, I'll just throw your whole meal away so you can try all our menu while there's kids starving in Africa... Yeah sure, WHY NOT.
9. Take you and your split bills and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Nobody has time for it.
10. If you click, shout or whistle your waitress you’re THE worst kind of person. We aren’t animals.
11. Ignorance isn't bliss - Calling the meal you have in your hand to give to a table and having everyone look at you, to then turn back and ignore you. Ok, shall I eat it then?
12. We don’t have limbs that extend you know? - It’s alright I can’t reach that plate, you just ignore me struggling. RUDE.

13. No thank you? No please? YOU’RE WELCOME.
14. "Do you have a table number?", "Can't you just put me on any one, I'm just there". Look matey, no table number no food. I'm not sending the staff out like Dora the explorer trying to find you and your friends.
15. We’re not a nursery - STOP letting your kids roll around, run and shout everywhere. If they get hurt you’ll soon blame us.
16. CLEAN up after YOUR child - It’s disgusting the mess grown adults leave for us to clean up. Would you leave your kitchen like that? No. I haven't got time to clean up your child's slobbery wosits on a busy Saturday night.

17. Your bill is £200 and you haven’t tipped - I once served a table of 15, heard a lady say to her husband “Did you tip?” he replied “Yeah, 26p.” Yeah, THAT.
18. Late walk ins - Let’s be honest there’s a special place in the fiery pit of hell for these people. We dislike you if you walk in a half an hour before close and we are finishing up... But we genuinely need anger management when you walk in 10 mines before close and want serving :). There’s take-away, indian and you know what? You’re probably nice people but I want to go home.
19. “You’re much brighter than this job, are you doing anything else?” - This is THE most back handed compliment I’ve ever heard. Please, you try doing this job.
20. There’s always that ONE person when you put your napkin down that moves it just as you’re about the put the cutlery down. You my friend need a poke in the eye.

All in all I do love my job, but this is for all the waiters/waitresses that can relate to all those annoying moments we have in this industry. Customers need to know how annoying and rude they can be. But for all those regulars/customers out there that don’t make a fuss, wait and actually see how hard we work, we love you. We are always more than happy to help nice people. Life is too short to be an arse.
On that note, think before you start being a norse to your waitress. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
Saranne x

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Lost & Found Birmingham Review

Decorative Reservation 
Insight into the menu 
Botanical Garden 

Decor in the Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden (Dining Only) 
Botanical Garden
The Bar 
A freshly poured beer and a signature Lost cocktail

Starter -- Josper glazed peanut chicken skewers, spring onion, carrot, roasted nuts, satay sauce 
Mains -- Top sandwich: Chicken, chorizo mayonnaise, pesto, rocket, white rustic baguette -- Bottom: Steak, horseradish cream, Béarnaise, watercress, parmesan, white rustic baguette

The Lost & Found is one of my favourite bars in Birmingham that I highly recommend you visit. They have a vibrant range of cocktails whether it's a classic mojito or their own unique 'Found Cocktails'. You'll find something you love. These sit alongside a beautiful menu of starters, mains, desserts and a lunch menu. The furnishings in the restaurant and bar add to its stylish, fresh atmosphere. The 'Botanical Garden' is the separate dining area, with it's quirky interior design from 'The Bar Behind the Bookcase', to the tiling on the floor. This all adds to it's charming vintage vibe. Each time I visit I find something new to love about the experience.
They have an irresistible food menu. I booked a table for 2.30pm on a Tuesday. We decided to go for the affordable sandwich and drink only £8. To my delight I could have a signature 'found cocktail'. I shared the 'Josper glazed peanut chicken skewers, spring onion, carrot, roasted nuts, satay sauce' to start with my boyfriend. It was so tasty we could have had one each with the sticky sweet flavour. I ate 'Steak, with horseradish cream, Béarnaise, watercress, parmesan, white rustic baguette' with added sweet potato fries for £2. It has to be one of THE best sandwiches I have had. The baguette was soft inside with a crisp outside, the steak was cooked to perfection and topped with Béarnaise sauce. It was mouth watering. All the feel of a fine dining experience at an affordable price. The attention to detail and customer care make it well worth a visit if you are ever in town.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

60's Summer Look ❀

Dress - ASOS (SOLD OUT) ✿ Sunglasses - ASOS ✿ Bag - Flamingo Vintage ✿ Shoes - Orla Kiely 

August Playlist ✌


Today is all about this retro inspired dress. The whole look screams 60s chic; starting with the a-line dress, to the vintage side bag, down to the outstanding Orla Kiely heels. Adding subtle details throughout this look is really what makes it stand out. Adding glitter eyeliner to my make-up (see tutorial here), wearing ASOS 70s sunnies and having a beehive to add an effortless retro feel.

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Love Saranne x

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Comfy High Neck Stripes

                                                                         Stripe Dress - Monki ✿ Coat - ASOS ✿ Boots - ASOS ✿ Bag - Vintage

June Playlist ✌


In this look I'm all about styling Monki. They've had a brilliant sale on recently which allowed me to get four dresses I have wanted for a good while; one of the dresses being this comfy, casual and chic dress. Dress it up or down, wear it in winter or summer, it's a brilliant versatile and timeless piece to have. 

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Love Saranne x

Monday, 20 June 2016

Alexa Chung Gingham

ASOS Off The Shoulder Top ✿ ASOS Coat ✿  M&S Trousers ✿ Judy Shoes Topshop ✿ Topshop Scarf ✿ Bag Vintage

Listen to my May Playlist ✌


Today's look I'm styling my all time favourite jacket. It's a jacket that has all the retro flare I need in my life; the colour, the collar and astounding A-line cut all make for the ultimate retro coat. It cost me £75 from ASOS but boy, it's worth every penny. You can watch my video above showing three ways you can style the versatile coat.