Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hi, Hello, How Are You? Here's What I've learnt in 2017

Entry No.1

I've found myself wanting to write a blog post to kick off the New Year to help make myself feel somewhat productive. I want to write down in a nutshell what I've taken away from 2017 as it has been one of the most poignant years for me yet, I'm also hoping you can take something away from it too to help your New Year.

Push yourself. 
You can go around in life plodding along using excuses like "I'm too old", "it's not the right time", "I'll just do it later" I'm sure you know some more and you know what? They're all bullsh*t. If you want to do something you will just go for it either right then or start putting things into action to make it happen. I've noticed when it's something I love and truly believe in I'll start taking action or get things/ideas into place straight away with no messing around. I have my Dad's attitude to thank for that as he always says "just get it done, so it's done". I know it might sound silly but I even take this motto with me when it comes to cleaning the house I think "just get up, hoover, clean the bathroom so it's done and I can crack on with the rest of the day". If I didn't have this attitude I wouldn't have quit being a waitress, I wouldn't have worked for Benefit Cosmetics, I wouldn't have entered the New Year 2018 self employed either. Just do it because the only person you'll be fooling is yourself. 

Be true to you. 
I've always found it easy to be myself, not caring about having loads of friends, about what everyone else it doing but something I've noticed is there are some people in my life I've felt in competition with whether it was conscious or subconscious, people that didn't sit well with me but I could never put my finger on it, there was also that feeling of people not getting me and not being on my wave length. This year I have grown tremendously in maturity, knowing my priorities and what's really important in life where as I know not everyone has gone through that. In no way am I saying if someone isn't as mature as I, I shouldn't be friends with them but there are those people in life I find hard to relate to just by watching how they are, what their priorities are, how they treat others etc. The thing to take from this part of the post is it's ok to better your mental well-being, it's ok to eliminate someone with an influence you don't see fit for you anymore, it's ok to do things to make your life better and happier. I sometimes felt bad for how secluded I kept myself when it comes to friends just incase of what people would think of me and how I would be perceived but in reality who cares? I don't need other people's approval. Ciaran (boyfriend) is the biggest person who's helped me with this by reminding me I do not need peoples approval on this topic. My Mom is the one that's always taught me that you're who you surround yourself with. In life there are people that add to it, keep it the same or take away from it. I want people that will add to my life, push me and help me become the better person I want to be. I'm not saying you have cut ties with people that don't add to your life but for me I only have a small circle of people in my life and I want those people to enrich my life, not keep it stale. Something I say sometimes "You do you, boo." haha. Be true to you, you'll be much happier. 

Spend less money on alcohol. 
I will not be spending as much money alcohol as I did last year. Firstly because I don't have the money to secondly, my priorities have changed from yay let's party every weekend to I want my own business, I want to focus on my future and I'm simply getting over going out out. Thirdly, I LOVE a drink in a bar but I'm growing out of going clubbing now which is good timing as I can't go out due to money restraints.

Unconditional love. 
I have my Mom to thank for this one. I've never felt so inspired by one woman's strength to be a punching bag for the people around her including her kids and love them nonetheless. The power of loving the people around you unconditionally, forgiving them and helping them is so important. So many of us including myself cut people off the minute they do something wrong or we refuse to forgive them or move on but it get us no where. I've shown unconditional love to Ciaran time and time again, the same for him with I, we wouldn't be together now if we didn't. I'm still learning and seeing how important it is to have this attitude with the people around us. I'm also grateful every day for the people I have in my life right at this moment that make me feel unconditionally loved not everyone has it in their lives so to have it in mine and be reminded everyday I feel extremely lucky.

My priorities have changed so much since last year. I've gone out less towards the end of the year, I've bought a hell of a lot less clothes and materialistic things, spent more time with my own family and been there for them. I'm still learning but I'm just noticing how much my attitude to buying materialistic things has changed and I can't relate to "hauls" anymore and people clearly buying things for the sake of it. I see so many bloggers or influencers buying SO much stuff that it just comes across greedy and unnecessary. I've done hauls in the past where I've tried to be like other YouTubers out there and it's just not me anymore. You don't need a massive wardrobe to feel good. I've been wearing the hell out of my favourite pieces and I've never felt so relieved to be over worrying about what I'm wearing like I used to. I'm still a big fashionista don't get me wrong, but I'm nothing like I was. I feel like buying clothes constantly and not even wearing half of them is just greedy, I know some people won't believe what I'm writing about this but it's true. This is how much I'm growing up lol! I want to see people re-wearing an item instead of constantly having a new piece. My priority has changed from partying and clothes to family and my future... I'm pretty pleased with that. 

There is a silver lining in everything. 
My favourite one from 2017.

Making no promises but I'm hoping to air more things on this blog of whatever nature I want. 

Here's to the New Year. Let's make it a great one!

Love Saranne x

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