Thursday, 6 November 2014

10 Ways To Be Like Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a phenomenon, a fashion icon and an inspiration to many girls and woman across the world. Men can only dream of having Alexa on their arm. Chung is one of the UK's top 10 best dressed women which sits well with her fashion career in modelling featuring in Teen Magazine, Elle and CosmoGIRL. A woman that focuses on her eyeliner, fashion must haves and giving off that bed head vibe. So if you you're reading this to get a few tips to be like Alexa Chung, you're reading the right blog!

1. Eyeliner.

Alexa wouldn't be Alexa without her eye-liner. It's something she loves to do herself even if she's got a make-up artist doing her make-up. If you've got the natural flare for a steady hand you're one step closer to being like Alexa, and don't worry if can't get it first time just remember that practise makes perfect; Just have plenty of baby wipes at the ready!

2. Red or nude lips.

So, no pink?  Keep it classy, cute and casual with either a sophisticated red or a subtle nude. Alexa's subtlety speaks a lot louder then bright clashing colours. A man can never resist a gorgeous deep red. Maybe try it?

3. Fringe.

Alexa is a great style icon. If you have the desire of getting the amazing Alexa Chung style, make it your own. You don't need to cut your hair and become an Alexa clone. Add your own flare and personality to your cut. (Just remember, Alexa likes the occasional side fringe from time to time.)

4. Modern 60s take.

60's fashion inspires a lot of Alexa's outfits she loves adding a modern twist making it her own. Does it look good? Yes. You don't always have to shop at vintage shops if you want to incorporate a-line, retro patterns, mini skirts and bright colours in your wardrobe. 

5. Small bags and Breton Stripes.

Travel light, travel with stripes and travel in style. 

6. Rock bare legs and a-line cuts.

"You've got nice legs let's see how they move!" A-line is a cut Alexa tends to wear a lot, it's a cut that flatters all body shapes, it's best worn with bare legs and a whole lot of confidence. "I hate my bare legs?" Is that you? Get some tights with a thin denier, sorted.

7. You don't have to be skinny.

Your weight is beautiful the way it is. Alexa is Alexa and you are you, work the style around your sexy body!

8. Polka dots and collars.

Ultimate cuteness comes with polka dots and peter pan collars, combine the two or wear them separately, Alexa always styles a great slouchy polka dot shirt; Forever21 do pretty cheap ones.

9. Make a statement. 

Never be afraid to wear what most people wouldn't have the confidence too. Keep your head held high and walk around wearing whatever the hell you'd like!

10. Be yourself. Be 'IT'.

Embrace Alexa's style but also embrace yourself, don't focus too much on being like a celebrity or icon make it your own and see your own style flourish into something amazing.

Ps. Remember to read Alexa's book 'IT' there's a hardback here, paperback here.

Be bold, be different,

Enjoy being you, 

Saranne x