Saturday, 8 November 2014

Boosting Your Confidence!

"Got no time for negative thinking. Positive thinking brings it's own rewards" - Ian Brown, The Stone Roses.

When I was around 12-13 Years Old my first insecurity started oozing out of me "I'm fat", "Look how big my belly is" "Look how much of my belly I can grab" does any of this sound familiar? I was a young girl who compared herself to the other 'skinny' girls in class, I never got bullied for my weight nor did I get told I was fat. I made it up in my own head from simply comparing my weight to other girls in my year. When I was 15-16 in year 11 my confidence levels had plummeted from being a 9/10 happy teen to a 2/10 extremely unhappy teen. With a relationship, friendships and school work my values and beliefs were being comprised, I was extremely unhappy and unaware of why. If I knew then what I know now things would be different but that's what growing up is all about. Going backwards to Nursery being 2-3 years old I was always able to speak my mind and not care what people thought; "Get out of the wendy house!" this is something my parents told me I used to say to kick the other kids out of the wendy house, just so I could have a nap in there. If that's not caring I don't know what is! My point is when you're growing up it's hard when you have so much surrounding you and influencing your thoughts both positive and negative. I'm now 18 years old, I'm told 'you're in a such a world of your own' isn't that a better way to be? In a mindset where you don't worry about what other people are thinking or doing? I might sound biased but I'd say yes.

Since my Mom Debbie Huxton is an author and motivational speaker I have grown up constantly working on personal development. I quickly learn't it's all about having the right circle of influence around you. "You are what you eat" in this case it's "you are who you surround yourself with" being with people that will challenge you to be better, admire your best qualities and fill you with positivity is what will stimulate you. Having a harmonious balance of these people in your life is your ticket to freedom.

Self confidence might sound like a hard thing for you to gain. However, if you have a passion, something you just love or a hobby be it blogging, cooking or maybe art this can help find your inner 'WHY?' the thing that makes you light up and fills you with happiness. If you say you haven't got anything you're good at, stop being a victim and dig deep, look at others around you for inspiration or try something new. Self confidence is something you have to go out and get yourself, no one can give you it unless you believe it yourself. If you have an opportunity, take it. Push yourself. You might end up meeting great people and have an amazing time. Make sure you make your 'What if's' are positive "What if I meet great new people" not "What is if I don't make friends?". Which out of the two makes you feel better?

STOP comparing yourself. Don't let the green monster we all have in us control your life. No one likes a greeny meanie..

Let's wrap it up. You are who you are and that's amazing in itself. Avoid trying to follow what your friends are wearing or doing stick to your guns and don't compromise your morals or values to fit in. Be positive, kind and loving towards yourself. Tell yourself what you're grateful for everyday, even if you're just grateful for your favourite series on Netflix that day! (Mines currently Orange is the New Black). And just remember this, "People don't do things against you, they do if for themselves".

Lastly, who cares what people think.

- This topic is something I'm very passionate about. I hope you get some inspiration and a wealth of knowledge from this post, I could go on and on but I won't today.

Have a really good day/night.

Be bold, be different,

Enjoy being you, 

Saranne x