Tuesday, 28 October 2014

11 Ways To Get the Modette Style!

WE ARE THE MODS! The British Mod culture is well known for it's music, scooters, violence, fashion and using Amphetamines to fuel all-night dancing at clubs. The 1960's introduced a time where teens and adults didn't have to worry about saving money. Instead they had disposable income which lead to their obsession with looking good. New boutiques opened on Carnaby Street, London, selling the finest suits, so stylish one 17-year old Mod said he'd "go without food to buy clothes". The two subcultures that paved the way for the oh, so, mighty 'Mods', were the 'Beatniks' with their bohemian vibes, styling berets and turtle necks, and the Teddy Boys who paved the way for making males interested in fashion making it socially acceptable. Are you a Mod? Are you interested in this style? Yes? Then you're reading the right blog!

1. Watch Quadrophenia.

It's undoubtedly a must. Quadrophenia shows 'Mod' culture in a light no one has ever shown it in. It's a gripping, funny and emotional film. If Quadrophenia can't get you into Modernism I don't know what will! 

2.Be Prepared.

You're going to stand out from the crowd, are you ready? You won't be doing this by shouting 'PENIS' in the middle of the street but you will with your outrageous confidence, stylish clothes, and unique style. Heads will be turning.

3. Focus on bright colours.

Think 'Twiggy', she wore bright colours like red, yellow, blues, greens and pastel colours. You want to POP and give off those mod vibes.

4. Patterns and fit. 

Two words you shouldn't forget; Geometric and A-line. There's nothing like a good old geometric print screaming 'LOOK AT ME!' to go on that cute, girly and flattering a-line dress. You can't get anymore 60's!

5. Mini skirts, mini dresses, mini everything!

"Flaunt what your Momma gave ya'!" The shorter the better, I say. The 60's made it clear "mini" was the new fashion, let's bring this classy, flawless and youthful statement back! 

6. Be authentic

Rocking the vintage shopping is a great start to achieve the 60's mod look. Keeping your eyes peeled for original mod dresses, 60's bags and coats. You can even try your Nan's wardrobe or charity shops, an alternative to vintage shopping are shops that re-create vintage looks just like RashaSwais does. 

7. How many pairs of shoes?! 

The variety of mod shoes are quite a treat! T-bars, loafers, kitten heels, Chelsea boots, monk shoes and dessert boots. The variety let's you express your natural feminine touch along with that inner masculine side. 

8. Fred Perry.

Amy Winehouse foundation. Need I say more? This collection has to be one of the most beautiful, unique lines on their website. If you love a polo you'll be working the Fred Perry, no doubt about it. 

9. Those eyes.

Mod girls would always focused on their eyes when it came to make-up, icons like Twiggy helped inspire this look. Every other part of their make-up would be very minimal, making you gaze into their big, bold and beautiful eyes. If you want to embrace this look, get plenty of liquid liner, false lashes and white eye-liner to get you started!

10. Music.

The Kinks, The Who, Small Faces, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds are some bands you might have heard of. Mods danced to these bands and many more like them when they went to clubs. In 2014 it's rare to find a great club that plays 60's music... Luckily here in Birmingham we have a club called 'SNOBS' playing original 60s tunes.

11. Embrace the mod culture.

Remember, it's a way of 

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Be bold, be different,
Enjoy being you, 
Saranne x