Thursday, 23 October 2014

9 Ways To Get The Mod Style!

WE ARE THE MODS! The British Mod culture is well known for it's music, scooters, violence, fashion and using Amphetamines to fuel all-night dancing at clubs. The 1960's introduced a time where teens and adults didn't have to worry about saving money. Instead they had disposable income which lead to their obsession with looking good. New boutiques opened on Carnaby Street, London, selling the finest suits, so stylish one 17-year old Mod said he'd "go without food to buy clothes". The two subcultures that paved the way for the oh, so, mighty 'Mods', were the 'Beatniks' with their bohemian vibes, styling berets and turtle necks, and the Teddy Boys who paved the way for making males interested in fashion making it socially acceptable. Are you a Mod? Are you interested in this style? Yes? Then you're reading the right blog!

1. Watch Quadrophenia. 

It's undoubtedly a must. Quadrophenia shows 'Mod' culture in a light no one has ever shown it in. It's a gripping, funny and emotional film. If Quadrophenia can't get you into Modernism I don't know what will! 

2. Get your bowl on.

Over grown, swooping to the side, bowl. A common theme with Mod hair is the good old Beatles bowl. If you're aspiring to get Mod hair and don't want the classic bowl, here's some other ideas; shave it, short with side burns, short with a straight fringe... Or try googling 'Mod Hair' there's some right gems!

3. Button up shirts with a collar and a pattern.

Be smart not scruffy. A true Mod way of dressing is being smart, unique and stylish. Let's get those heads turning by wearing stripes, polka dots and vibrant paisley patterns.

4. Parkas, Macs and thin coats.

Is a Mod, a Mod without his parka? The old photos we gaze into show us three button suits with a heavenly parka over it, there's no set rule that says you have to have one but it sure does look cool. If you want to go a different route get yourself a mac, Miles Kane sure knows how to look killer in one.

5. "Get on your dancing shoes!" - Alex Turner.

Loafers, Clarks Original Desert Boots, Chelsea Boots, Monk Strap shoes, Addidas Sambas.. Which will you choose?

6. Scooter

Making a statement is what being a Mod is all about, look no further than a scooter. It's the perfect accessory to match a parka, loafers and that mod hair! Don't worry if you don't have one, you don't need a scooter to let people know you're a true mod.

7. Dancing.

Dancing is vital. Put your on your invisible confident cap, ignore what's around you and embrace the music. Not a dancer? Get some Dutch courage with a few drinks, grab your most confident friend and you'll be ready to rock the dancefloor and dance the night away.

8. Music.

The Kinks, The Who, Small Faces, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds are some bands you might have heard of. Mods danced to these bands and many more like them when they went to clubs. In 2014 it's rare to find a great club that plays 60's music... Luckily here in Birmingham we have a club called 'SNOBS' playing original 60s tunes.

 9. We are the mods!

Remember, it's a way of life.

Ive got some shops, items and links to complete your Mod look!