Tuesday, 21 October 2014

5 Ways To Get the 50s/60s 'Beatnik' Style!

What is 'Beatnik' style? 'Beatnik' is a style that came from the late 1950's - 1960's, names you may know like Audrey Hepburn, Anna Karina and the Beatles all incorperated areas of the Beatnik fashion in their style. "'Beat Generation' sold books, sold black turtleneck sweaters and bongos, berets and dark glasses, sold a way of life that seemed like dangerous fun", In this day and age some of you may know this style as a stereotype; For the guys.. Hair may be shoulder-length or longer, but it is almost always straight, have facial hair, wear plenty of black, have a slim figure, wear glasses and as cliché as it may sound, wear a beret. As for the girls.. Long or short hair, pale skin, wear plenty of black, have smokey eye make-up, have nude lips, and wear a distinctive perfume.

1. Wearing Stripes.

Stripes give off an authentic French feel, giving off an artsy, interesting and lively feel. Grab yourself a high neck dress or top with Breton Stripes. The colour choice is down to you, but if you want to know what colour I'd wear, it would be black and white or red and white!

2. Berets & Dark Sunglasses.

Berets aren't something you see day to day. They give off a quirky, distinctive, and subtle confident vibe. Do you dare to look different? Move away from the big floppy hats of summer '14 and tweak your outfits with this statement hat. It's all about standing out from the crowd.

 3. Turtle Neck Tops.

A turtle neck top... Dress it up, dress it down. The Beatles did just that; Dressing it up with a 3 button suit and dressing it down by wearing it by itself. If the Beatles can do it, so can you. A truly Beatnik way you can wear yours is wearing a Beret, Capri pants, and some ballerina flats that will make you look completely authentic!

4. Cigarettes & Coffee.

*Manhattan Accent* "Get me some Coffee!" - These are two things you don't have to do. Although I'm not a coffee drinker personally, it sure smells darn good! As for the cigarettes, that's your choice!

5. Black & White is the Colour Scheme.

You can pick and chose which elements of the Beatnik style you'd like the implement in your own wardrobe, just like any other styles out there. If you'd like to add colour instead of wearing the classic, black and white, go for it. Put your own stamp on the Beatnik style!