Wednesday, 3 December 2014

4 Beauty Lessons We've Learned From Kate Moss

1. Contour.

Kate has shown us cheekbones are the key to completing any make-up look; Making you look fierce, sexy and ultimately gorgeous. Choosing the right colour bronzer or blusher is the magic that will either make or break your look.

2. Dark waterline.

Kate has shown us to go to the dark side in the eye-liner world. Grabbing your black eye-liner pencil and placing a healthy amount on your lower waterline is what will entice others around you into gazing into your mysterious eyes.

3. Lips are important.

Plain, nude, pink or red; Your choice in lip colour is down to you. If you want a real Kate Moss vibe about your look have a look at her Rimmel lipstick collection. I have shade '10' and I'm in love. She has made the ultimate Kate Moss lip colours for us (how nice?!).

4. Keep it natural.

Although Kate loves dark eye-liner and lippy from time to time she always looks effortlessly natural. Maybe try out your natural look if you haven't already? That doesn't mean NO make-up, just use less, go on. Try it!

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Be bold, be different,

Enjoy being you, 

Saranne x